About Lisa

My name is Lisa Zeigler and I am a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and a Licensed Social Worker who has recently retired as the Chief Administrative Officer after 30 years of working with the same long-term care, skilled nursing, assisted living, home health and hospice company in Central Ohio. During my many years with the company, I realized that there is a tremendous need to support patients and families who are faced with making hard decisions in our healthcare system. Thus, I have created a company to do just that! I am confident that with my years of experience, a team of experts, and extensive relationships in the healthcare industry, my company will be able to meet your needs. And, if you meet me in person, I may just be in flip flops!

About Jana

My name Is Jana Duff and I have spent the last 18 years with the same central Ohio long-term
care, skilled nursing and assisted living company until our owner decided to retire and sell last June.
During my tenure, I realized just how difficult the entities make it to navigate our evolving healthcare
system. Simply trying to decipher insurance and healthcare options for us and our loved ones has
become impossible. My goal is to make this process as easy as possible!

Mission Statement

My mission is to extend a hand and be a resource to all navigating through this ever-changing and complicated healthcare system.

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