No, the 100 days is not a guarantee. The insured must continue to make progress during their

rehabilitation stay. Furthermore, Medicare only covers the first 20 days at 100%. There is a

copay beginning at day 21, that changes each calendar year, and is the responsibility of the

insured. The copay for 2022 is $194.

Assisted Living – think of it as a senior apartment complex that has assistance when you need it

from nurses and aides but does not necessarily provide 24-hour care. Most are private pay.

Long Term Care centers – used to be referred to as nursing homes. For those that need a high

acuity of care, 24 hours per day. Medicaid will pay when private funds are no longer available.

Memory Care – Specific secure units for individuals with dementia/Alzheimer’s diagnosis and can be

located within Assisted living centers and Long Term Care centers depending on the individuals’

medical needs.

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